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【Who we are】
Established in 1989, our company has been marketing various kinds of colorful ribbon products. Our ribbons are produced by the highest quality materials to make an excellent value. Lung Che is one of the foremost ribbon manufacturers and exporters in Taiwan.
【What we do】
Our products include nylon & polyester satin ribbons, metallic ribbons, sheer & jute ribbons, wired edge & designer print ribbons and other special ribbons. All are beautifully designed and suitable for special usage, such as Christmas decorations, wedding decorations, floral arts and gift wrapping. We launch into a wide variety of ribbons every year.
【What are our tenet】
Our collections are always constantly updated to reflect the latest trend on the ever changing and wide-ranging markets we serve. We are able to produce 40-yard-shelf ribbons every week. Our commitment to international developments of design and technology results in new and innovative ribbons to meet the wide-range needs of our customers with satisfaction-guaranteed basis.

服务内容: fabric ribbons,bow,christmas,decoration,fabric bag,festival ,gift package,DIY

产品配送方式:邮寄, 宅配, 亲取

交易/付款方式:在线刷卡, 现金, ATM转账, 货到付款, 电汇

主要服务地区:台湾北部, 台湾中部, 台湾南部, 台湾东部, 港澳, 大陆, 东南亚, 日韩, 北美, 中南美, 欧洲, 纽澳, 非洲, 其他, 全国地区